PERIOD: 25.02 – 01.03.2019


– Liceul Tehnologic PETROL Moreni, Romania: 4 students and 1 accompanying teacher

– Bower Park Academy, Romford, England: 4 students and 2 accompanying teachers

– Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 1 Moreni, Romania: 4 students and 2 accompanying teachers

– Szent István Egyházi Általános Iskola és Kollégium, Mako, Hungary: 4 students and 2 accompanying teachers

– Lycée Antoine Roussin, Saint-Louis, France (host school): 45 students and 5 teachers


– Presentation of schools, participants and the activities each school used in preparation for the LTT

– Voting on the project logo

– “Ice-breaker” games, in order to get to know each other

– Formation of mixed working groups

– Treasure hunt in the high school to find hidden local cultural artefacts by following clues

– Participation of students and accompanying teachers in French, civics, History and English classes

– workshop for learning basic words and phrases in the languages of partner countries directly from fellow participants

– workshop for writing short poems on a given theme / making a common painting highlighting multiculturalism / recording songs on a given melodic line

– Creation of a multilingual dictionary with terms related to multiculturalism and tolerance

– the creation of a booklet entitled “Education through multiculturalism”, which contains short poems, excerpts from literary works, reproductions by paintings from artists from Romania, England, France and Hungary, as well as all other materials jointly made during the LTT activity from France

– Presentation of the final products

– Evaluation of the activity through a questionnaire created with Google Forms


– tangible results: the logo of the project; multilingual dictionary with terms related to multiculturalism and tolerance; booklet with elements of cultural heritage from the four countries; a common painting and a common song; photo stories of the LTT activity.

– intangible results: improving of the multicultural, communication and IT skills and also the social competence of the participants

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