Theme: ” Education through sciences”

Period:20th – 24th of May 2019


– Bower Park Academy, Romford, England: 8 students and 2 teachers

– SZIGNUM Mako, Hungary: 5 students and 3 teachers

– Lycée Antoine Roussin, Saint-Louis, France : 8 students and 2 teachers

– Liceul Tehnologic PETROL Moreni, Romania: 5 students and 3 teachers (being in the same town, wasn’t allocated budget, so the expenses was covered from Project Management)

– Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 1 Moreni, Romania (the host school): 17 students and 3 teachers


– Presentation of schools, participants and five-day programme

– Photo-contest with pictures took by the participants at the previous LTTA

– “Ice-breaker” games, in order to get to know each other

– Formation of mixed working groups

– Presentations of the work made by each school on the topic: 5 scientists from their own country and one of their best known discovery/invention

– Participation of students and teachers in maths, physics, chemistry, biology and English lessons

– hands on workshops at the Romanian Science Center in Bucharest; the students prepared a perfume at the Chemistry workshop and made experiments about movement and electricity in a Physics workshop

– workshop – Mathematics and Sport: the students made from the harmony of their moving bodies, different geometric shapes and figures.

– Workshops on Biology: the students made, using various methods, different food chains and participated at an outdoor activity where they studied live the mountain ecosystem

– the creation of a booklet entitled “Education through Sciences”, which contains the presentations of famous scietists from the partner countries and theirs discoveries/inventions,quizzes, as well as all other materials jointly made during the LTT activity

– a meeting of the accompanying teachers to discuss issues related to project management and to prepare the next LTT activity – February 2020, England

– Presentation of the final products

– Evaluation of the activity through a questionnaire via Google Forms


– tangible: a booklet with presentations of famous scietists from the partner countries and theirs discoveries/inventions, short quizzes, mini-models with food chains, drawings; photo stories of the LTT activity.

– intangible: raised motivation in learning maths and science, improved practical, communication and IT skills, improved skills in foreign languages and in social competences

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