Theme: ”Education for a healthy lifestyle”

Period: 10-14 February 2020.


-Liceul Tehnologic PETROL Moreni, Romania: 6 students and 2 teachers

-Lycée Antoine Roussin, Saint-Louis, France : 8 students and 2 teachers

-Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 1 Moreni, Romania: 5 students and 2 teachers

-SZIGNUM Mako, Hungary: 5 students and 2 teachers

-Bower Park Academy Romford, England (the hosting school): 20 students and 5 accompanying teachers


– Presentation of schools, participants and the five-day programme

– “Ice-breaker” games, in order to get to know each other

– Formation of mixed working groups

– Presentations of the work made by each school on the topic of the meeting: food pyramids and pyramids of own physical activity, healthy daily menus and collage of photos with representative sports

– Activities in the mixed groups: preparation of a healthy menu, with organic ingredients; designing a label for a healthy snack; carrying out a personal daily exercise program; creating a 2021 calendar

– Outdoor activities: the benefits of the physical activity for a healthy life: hiking in Bedford Park, developing the capacity for self-control through yoga

– Erasmus sports day; students learnt to play cricket and played football, handball, basketball, respecting the fair play rules

– participation of students and accompanying teachers in Sports, Food preparation and nutrition and English lessons

– documentation trip: London by foot – the participants had a walked tour, by foot, along which they could admire the landmarks of the British capital

– working on the final products: healthy menus, calendars that promote healthy lifestyle, labels of snacks, video with sports activities, photo album of the whole activity

– a meeting of the accompanying teachers to discuss issues related to project management and to prepare the last LTT activity – May 2020, Hungary

– Presentation of the final products

– Evaluation of the activity through a questionnaire created with Google Forms


– tangible: healthy menus, labels of healthy snacks, a program with personal daily exercises, calendar, photo album

– intangible: improved knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, foreign language, communication and IT skills and, as a result, increased social competences

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